Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet with Hope Ribbon Charm, with Donation

Raise awareness of Down Syndrome and make a charitable contribution with your purchase of this Down Syndrome awareness stretch bracelet with hope ribbon charm. Whether you're wearing this Down Syndrome awareness bracelet yourself or giving it as a gift, there's hope for people affected by Down Syndrome.

My 48-year-old brother has Down Syndrome, and our lives have been touched by many friends with Down Syndrome. We share their struggles and their victories and are inspired by their ability to never give up hope.

Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet, Stretch with Hope Ribbon Charm, with Donation

This Down Syndrome awareness bracelet uses clear faceted glass beads (about 1/2 inch in diameter) interspersed with seed beads in half blue, half yellow, strung on stretch cord with a plated metal hope ribbon charm with antiqued finish.

Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet Hope Ribbon Charm, with Donation

Charm is 3/4 inch in length. You can choose a silver colored or gold colored charm - please specify when you order (we'll use a silver charm if you don't specify). Bracelet shown above fits loosely on a wrist measuring 6 inches around. If your wrist is larger or smaller, please specify the size of your wrist and we'll size your bracelet accordingly.

This bracelet can be produced in larger quantities. For example, if you are participating in a Down Syndrome fundraising walk and want Down Syndrome awareness bracelets for all your team members, please contact us.

$2 will be donated to the American Cancer Society for each awareness bracelet purchased. Thanks for your support!

BigBeadJewelry creates awareness bracelets for many conditions. Rather than contributing to a variety of non-profit foundations which support each condition, we choose one organization each year and donate a portion of sales from all awareness bracelets to this one organization. For each awareness bracelet purchased, we are donating $2 to the American Cancer Society. View all of the BigBeadJewelry awareness bracelets.


Thanks for supporting the American Cancer Society with your donation through Big Bead Jewelry.